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Revolutionizing customer engagement with our top-notch outbound calling service, supported by dedicated outbound dialers. It results in increasing connection rates.

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What is an Outbound Call Service?

Outbound calls are originated by call center agents to spread out to potential customers with the purpose of sales, lead generation, telemarketing, and fundraising, on behalf of a call agency or customer.

Maximum Call Connects

Optimizing outbound call center productivity with our responsive and experienced agents. The agents connect calls promptly to increase operational efficiency and minimize calling drop rates.

More productivity

Maximizing agent productivity and call connect rates through our advanced dialer system. They intelligently schedule calls based on configurable algorithms and agent availability.

Informed Conversations

Enhancing agent performance by providing them with essential customer information through our preview dialer. We allow for more qualified conversations and personalized sales pitches.

Managing assignments with automation

Optimizing call center operations through our advanced contact center solution. It allows for the seamless management of multiple dialing processes and campaigns with a single click. Our solution automates agent assignments, directing them to specific campaigns and queues for improved productivity and reduced errors. It eliminates the need for manual campaign selection by agents.

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Transform your customer support with Digital Destiny’s exceptional outbound call services, taking your business to new heights.

First Call Close (FCC)

This metric measures the percentage of outbound calls that result in a sale on the first call.

Hit Rate

This metric measures the percentage of outbound calls that reach a live person. A high hit rate indicates that the team is reaching the right people.

Average Call Length

This measures the average duration of outbound calls. It can help to identify productive calls and which take up too much time.

Benefits of using the company’s Outbound Call Services

  • Most Efficient Agents
  • Boost Sales Conversions
  • Effective Lead Management
  • Our Surveys
  • Positive feedback from customers
  • Monday-Saturday(6pm-5am) Availability
  • Mass Communications
  • Best Campaign Management

Our outbound call service is ideal for organizations trying to expand their client base and enhance revenue. We have a staff of seasoned and professional contact center representatives trained to manage all sorts of client interactions. With the capacity to measure and evaluate performance, our cutting-edge technology guarantees that our calls are made efficiently and effectively.